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worth the trip: Yesterday we went to visit Grandma. We tried Monday, but a snowstorm thwarted our efforts. Because Tuesday is Brigitta's day, she brought Grandma a loaf of Swedish bread. I adore Swedish bread! So when I inquired of said Swedish bread, Grandma was only too happy to implore me to eat the whole thing! I think Grandma feels bad letting good food like that go to waste, but could not stomach any of it. I ate about 1/3 of it and dutifully took the rest home for breakfast this morning. Yum!

I also went to the store for Grandma. Her list consisted of milk, a huge tub of ice cream, and Christmas cards for next year. I got her a sweet deal on a pack of 18 cards for $1.25. She said she got some cards this year from people she didn't send any to so she is getting a jump start for next year. The poor woman won't commit to a party tonight because she may die, but is set for next year's card exchange.

She also said she isn't giving out money this year on Christmas, though I think she tried that line before. I dutifully told her that no one comes for $10 but to see her. I'm not sure she believed me, however.

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