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[Comments] (2) The Nightmare Before Christmas: Maggie was diagnosed with RSV around 3 pm on Christmas Eve. Because she is under two, she is hospitalized until the virus goes away. She has been poked and had her nose suctioned out too many times, with no end in sight.

The update is that she is now off the IV, having finally decided to eat and drink on her own, and we all slept pretty well last night, all things considered; Susie on the pull out and me in Maggie's bed.

She can go home once her oxygen level is above 90. She's on oxygen at the hospital, but are down to 0.5 liter now, having previously been at 1.0 liters. So we're slowly making progress. She also played with some toys really well today.

I'm at home doing laundry, as we are out of clothes. My brother and his kids were kind enough to snowplow our driveway, as it dumped another foot and a half Christmas day.

She's such a poor little thing; it's breaking my heart.


Posted by Rachel at Fri Dec 26 2008 14:25

poor maggie!!

Posted by Sumana at Fri Dec 26 2008 16:54

Our thoughts are with the Chadwickians. *hug*

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