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[Comments] (4) Shout-out: Big thanks to Brook, Ember, and Logan for shoveling a foot of snow out of our driveway while we were otherwise engaged at the hospital. And also for putting dinner in our fridge the night of our return.

Thanks to Les Gilbert for taking over my job as snow shoveler at the church this week, and also for taking care of our trash cans.

Thanks to Jamie, David, mom, Jodi, and Franco for visiting us and livening up an otherwise dreadfully boring, depressing couple of days in a building full of sick people. And for the food. The cafeteria food was ok, but some of the cafeteria workers were unkind so any meal not there was great.

Thanks for all the phone calls, text messages, and prayers from well-wishers all over the world. If I don't text you back, know that I got your message and appreciate it. I hate texting, and our phone plan charges us for each text, hence why you received no reply. I'd call as a reply, but I figure you texted me because you didn't want to talk to me so calling you back as a response to a text seems like a bad idea to me.

Thanks to all the nurses at Primary Children's Medical Center. They were all very professional and helpful.

Thanks to Santa for waking us up at midnight Christmas morning to deliver to Maggie a stuffed moose, blankets, and other junk.

We also appreciated having our own room the first two nights. The third night we had to go in with another RSV patient, a 2-month old baby. So sad. She'd been there 12 days and I'm sure has another month to go. Her family was not there so the room-sharing went well. I felt bad she was all alone, but my guess is that either her parents have other kids to attend to or maybe they live in some godforsaken section of the northwest and this hospital puts them miles from home. I wish that baby well. She reminded me that we didn't have it so bad after all. RSV is hard because we were quarantined to our room. Maggie was so anxious today to leave that I'm glad we got out of there.

Thanks to God for answering our prayers. Christmas Eve I gave Maggie a blessing and I just knew what to pray for: patience. I knew she'd be ok but I also knew this was going to take time and honestly the stay was not that bad. Cabin fever set in just as we left. Between book reading and cuddling, the time really flew. The last day we had to force feed Maggie every two minutes to prove to the doctors that she is no longer dehydrated and fit to go home. There were a lot of conversations with Maggie about eating to avoid another IV, etc. It's so hard to know what's best for her but I can't force her to eat. I wonder if God ever feels that way about me: he knows what's best but won't force it on me. My sister mentioned this experience makes her weary to have kids. I'll admit, it's scary. But there is a whole other side to parenthood that a non-parent can never understand. The human experience, for better and for worse, is amplified in parenthood. Though the last few days were harrowing, I wouldn't forgo the experience for anything.

Get well soon, Maggie!


Posted by Rachel at Sun Dec 28 2008 03:23

I am so glad that Maggie is ok and back home where she belongs. You guys are stars and amazing parents!

Posted by Sumana at Sun Dec 28 2008 05:37

So glad she is ok! *tele-hug!*

Sometimes I text people if I'm not sure if they're awake and I don't want to wake them up. Feel free to call me back if I ever text you!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Dec 29 2008 20:04

Glad Maggie is home. Nothing against the 2 month old's parents but that is exactly why I don't take my babies out of the house except for dr's appts and necessary errands until they are at least 6 weeks old. The people that show up to church a week after they have the baby are crazy in my opinion. Church is probably the most germ ridden place. Everyone brings their sick kids to church.

Posted by John at Tue Dec 30 2008 08:07

I absolutely agree, Kristen. The doctor told us to be cautious for 3 months with Maggie, and we were. We still went out some, but sparingly. And definitely not to church. We had 10 primary kids that couldn't stop touching her our first Sunday back.

Maggie's first outdoor excursion was to Disneyland!

But in the parent's defense, the baby may have siblings that brought it home with them from school. We are lucky to only have one kid right now, otherwise Maggie would be in the hospital longer so as not to infect siblings.

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