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[Comments] (1) Out with the old: Reasons I'm glad to see 2008 end:

1. I got my first traffic ticket this year.

2. My house was broken into this year, with my computer and Susie's purse stolen.

3. Hernia operation.

4. Spending Christmas Eve and the following three days in Primary Children's Hospital waiting for Maggie to overcome RSV. Can't wait to get THAT bill in the mail.

5. The election year is over. Maybe we can all get back to normal now.

6. My 401(k) can't take it anymore.

7. I just realized, counting that Susie and I went at 6 am this morning, that I only went to the temple 3 times this year. Hoping to do better next year.

8. Sprained foot that incapacitated my summer running season. At least now I have the elliptical for the winter.

9. I worked too much this year and hope to do better this next year.

10. It's time for a change.

Most people post how the year was great and they look forward to many happy returns. Not me this year. I'm glad to get rid of 2008 and sincerely hope 2009 will be better.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Dec 31 2008 20:46

Sorry to hear you had a blah year. The second half of this year was for sure way better than the first half for me. I am glad that is over too.

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