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[Comments] (3) A very Maggie Christmas: Maggie has her own nativity set to play with. Her first object was to intersperse the set with her own collection of little people and some farm animals. Her next step was to move the whole scene to her play airport. I suppose we should tell her that Jesus fled to Egypt; he didn't fly to Egypt. Then today she purposefully hid two of the wise men under the couch. I think she more or less has the Christmas story down pat.


Posted by rachel at Sun Dec 07 2008 16:04

what about samuel the laminite?

Posted by John at Sun Dec 07 2008 18:36

Maggie hasn't played with that set as much. It's a set that is similar to the little people in size and substance.

Posted by Mom at Sun Dec 07 2008 18:44

She started that game of hiding the little people in the Nativity Set when Jodi was tending her here on Friday so Jodi made a game out of it with her. They had a lot of fun. You should get the rules from Jodi so that you play it right with her.


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