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[Comments] (2) Going postal without the gun: Maggie's getting over something or other. Who knows anymore what it is. I've lost interest. But she was up in the night screaming for like an hour. Susie said "I can't go in there; she'll make me feed her." So I picked up on the cue and went into her. I gave her some water. Still screaming. I gave her some pain medicine. She wouldn't take it. So I picked her up and gave it to her. By this point, as you all realize, I am holding her. And did so for 15 minutes afterward. She was still awake when I put her back down and stared at me through her crib bars so I couldn't leave. Finally she rolled over so I curled up on her floor with a boppy as a pillow. Fifteen minutes later I was back in bed. I still think Susie should have to get a paper route if I have to work and do night duty.

This morning I had to leave early for a "breakfast meeting" at 8 am. The "breakfast" offered was a stale muffin. The "meeting" to speak of was a chance for the individual practice to mingle with the corporate/partnership practice. What, we couldn't have done this over lunch? Or better yet, done this not during busy season? I am soooo tired and have such a headache.

I also have no work. I gave it all to a staff, like I was instructed to, becasue I had "too much." Now everyone who didn't give anything up has work, and here I sit. With nothing to do to distract me from my headache. Is it possible to call in sick from my life for a day?


Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 20 2008 16:53

Call in sick! I will rub your feet and make you real food. I can't believe they couldn't have ordered something better for an 8 AM meeting.

Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 21 2008 14:21

PS: starting Tyler on piano next Friday.


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