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[Comments] (8) They were right: I do miss SoCal winters. But the good news is that today it was too warm to snow so it rained, the inversion is gone, and next week is supposed to reach 45 degrees. I know that seems cold, but it sure feels warm now. There are patches where I can actually see grass!I am definitely going to get out this weekend and enjoy it. Winter's firm grasp on us is slowly loosening.

Speaking of grass, it's almost that dreaded time where we have to buy a lawnmower. I really don't want to buy a gas mower. They are noisy, yucky, require additional gas purchases, and just plain bother me. So the dilemma is this: do we splurge for a cordless electric one (never would I buy a corded one, what a nightmare), or go old school cheap with a push mower?

Pro to electric mower: it does all the work. Con: it costs $400.

Pro to push mower: the epitome of eco-friendly. Cheap. Cons: Quite a workout, our house is on a hillside.

I guess that final point could be a pro, but probably not at first. What to do?


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