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[Comments] (8) They were right: I do miss SoCal winters. But the good news is that today it was too warm to snow so it rained, the inversion is gone, and next week is supposed to reach 45 degrees. I know that seems cold, but it sure feels warm now. There are patches where I can actually see grass!I am definitely going to get out this weekend and enjoy it. Winter's firm grasp on us is slowly loosening.

Speaking of grass, it's almost that dreaded time where we have to buy a lawnmower. I really don't want to buy a gas mower. They are noisy, yucky, require additional gas purchases, and just plain bother me. So the dilemma is this: do we splurge for a cordless electric one (never would I buy a corded one, what a nightmare), or go old school cheap with a push mower?

Pro to electric mower: it does all the work. Con: it costs $400.

Pro to push mower: the epitome of eco-friendly. Cheap. Cons: Quite a workout, our house is on a hillside.

I guess that final point could be a pro, but probably not at first. What to do?


Posted by Kristen at Fri Feb 22 2008 18:36

this is what my friend said on her blog about the mower they have....

"Who mows the lawn? Why don't you ask the man who is in LOVE with his mower? Seriously, I don't know why I don't have a picture of him mowing (aka his favorite past-time). Ever since we became home-owners and got a front lawn (don't ask about the backyard), he decide to invest on the environment friendly no engine, no battery, and no gas operated mower. You know, like the old fashioned kind that clips the grass? Well, that is the one we have, and believe you me, he is the CHAMP in the neighborhood. Many a neighbor has asked to use his beloved green monster, and they all share the LOVE. He thinks its great. And because of that, I think it is great."

Posted by Susie at Fri Feb 22 2008 22:13

I kind of want the push mower. I dunno... we might regret it, but it would save a lot of money.

Posted by Rachel at Sat Feb 23 2008 03:18

didn't we once have a push mower? that never got used?

I miss the non-winter too... though of course you had more of one than I did. My coworkers and I had a mini celebration yesterday when we left work at 5 and it was still light outside. Even more amazingly, it was still light(ish) when I got off the tube!!

Posted by Susie at Sat Feb 23 2008 10:06

I used the push mower at our rental house. It was hard, but it was also old.

Posted by Leonard at Sat Feb 23 2008 12:30

A push mower is like an electric razor. It's easy to use if you use it regularly. If you slack off and don't use it for a while then it's more difficult. I think if you mow every week you shouldn't have trouble with a push mower in your yard (not that I'm volunteering!).

Posted by Mom and Dad at Mon Feb 25 2008 23:19

You must do your lawn every 5 days in Utah with a push mower. We have a nice yellow one in our back yard. It works. Take it and give it a try. It probably needs sharpening first but it is in very good condition. You can have it free of charge? What happened to the idea of a lawn service?

Posted by Susie at Tue Feb 26 2008 08:19

We are too poor to pay someone to mow the lawn. We'll try yours out though!

Posted by Mom and Dad at Tue Feb 26 2008 14:12

Take it--it's yours and good luck.


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