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[Comments] (3) Reality check's in the mail: I spent all last week in the OC. The weather was beautiful and everyone was happy/shocked to see me. Joe even bought me Jollibees, and no mealtime went by without a dining invitation. On the downside, I ended up working 70 hours and hardly had a chance to catchup with anybody or even realize where I was. It felt surreal to be back there. At least we finished early Thursday and I made it back to my room just in time to watch Lost.

Now it's snowing like crazy. So bad, in fact, that they have canceled church. Now that's a first. People here don't think twice about driving in the snow. At least, my coworkers don't. I fully intend to enjoy the time home with my Maggie.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Feb 03 2008 20:39

Yay! LOST!

Posted by Alyson at Tue Feb 05 2008 21:11

They cancelled church in Kansas once because of a Sunday morning tornado. Joe and Louise were visiting, and thought that was just heretical. Bless their hearts, but I don't think they understood tornadoes. Who wants to drive across town when there are felled power lines everywhere??? Not me. But cooking meals on a camp stove and eating ice cream for breakfast because it would melt in a turned-off freezer was pretty fun. The power was off for a good eight hours.

Posted by John at Thu Feb 07 2008 08:37

I'm with you, Alyson. Better to be safe. Especially with the power out. A lot of older churches don't have windows in the chapel anyhow. You can always hold church in your home.


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