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[Comments] (8) Fiscal Fight: The UT legislature is busy working their 30 required days now, wrapping up the budget mostly. I have recently come to find out that it is written in the UT constitution that a balanced budget is required and debt is strictly prohibited. Thus the state is always in the black.

I for one think that's awesome. Some people here cry that all that means is that taxes are super high to ensure the budget can logically be balanced every year. But my research disagrees. Of the states polled, 19 have rates higher than UT, 15 have rates lower than UT, and 14 are substantially similar. I know, that only adds up to 48 + UT makes 49. Somehow in my haste to publish I missed a state. I'll blame TX. They're not a part of the Union anyhow =).

And it's true. I got a pay increase moving here. Not literally. But in take-home pay. Something like $40 a paycheck more than I got in Cal.

What would it be like to have such laws written into our federal constitution? Well, for one thing, spending on frivolities, like a war, would cease. Or at least it would curb the issue of $200 toilet seats being shipped to Iraq. What a different world that would be.


Posted by susie at Wed Mar 05 2008 09:39

That's great! And I don't know who people think they are complaining about high taxes here - didn't they just lower taxes this year??? sheesh.

Posted by John at Wed Mar 05 2008 11:58

My guess is that most people haven't felt the tax cut this year. After all I still have only 1 exemption but most people here probably have like 10. It's a lot harder to feel the beneft when you barely pay any taxes.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Mar 06 2008 22:10

Oh you mean the state that doesn't have a state tax? GUILTY! heh heh

Posted by John at Fri Mar 07 2008 08:09

Kristen: I was waiting for someone from the Walsh clan to say something. I actually find it comical that you say that you don't have a state tax. TX has no state INCOME tax, which doesn't really affect you or Joe because your families are going to school in TX and are not necessarily gainfully employed at the time. TX, however, to make up for a state income tax, has a rather hefty state PROPERTY tax. And y'all are homeowners.

So really, you are a taxpayer. Not that that's a bad thing. And y'all are Hillary lovers. =)

Posted by John at Fri Mar 07 2008 08:13

Oh and Kristen: I tried to repost on your blog, but it will only let me post the word "testing." Any other post says I am spam. So spam I am. Sorry. You may want to get that checked out.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Mar 08 2008 09:13

I know, our property taxes are a kick in the gut...about $2000 a year for us. but it is a flat tax so it is great for the rich and bad for the poor because they pay the same. Is that what you mean for Hillary lovers?

About the comments, I is really weird, it just all the sudden did that back when Susie brought it to my attention. It seems as though some comments are getting through now. Leonard looked at it, but it doesn't seem to be fixed. Jill's does it too, have you noticed that?

Posted by John at Sat Mar 08 2008 17:46

No, by Hillary lovers I meant that your state has given her hope to continue on, as she won the TX & OH primary.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Mar 10 2008 21:31

Oh, I see. Well, I will say I am enjoying watching Sen Clinton and Obama duke it out.


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