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[Comments] (1) Weeding & Speeding: Last night, after I ran another 5K in training for the Draper 5K this summer, I decided to weed the rock bed in the front yard. Maggie came with, as Susie was napping. Maggie wasn't letting me do any weeding, so I got her car out for her to play with.

The next thing I know, Maggie is cruising past me down the sidewalk on our steep hill. Luckily, her car was crooked and it crashed into the other rock bed. It stopped, she didn't fall off. I went over to her, and she had on the biggest grin in the world. So at that point I dutifully put away the gardening tools and proceeded to "drive" her up and down our steep sidewalk. I finished the gardening tonight. And played car again.

Who knew our shy little girl was such a daredevil?


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