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[Comments] (5) Vindication: So, after all the complaining about gambling, guess what? I entered the work contest that required no upfront payment to participate, got second place, and won $75! Who would have thought Kansas would beat Memphis in the championship game? Apparently, me and the person who got first place.

In other news, Maggie has finally decided to no longer be tooth challenged. The teething has been a bit hard on her, but it does seem to quell yet another paternal worry. I wonder what new worry will fill the void? At any rate, at least I know it won't be about Maggie calling me a jerk. My heart goes out to you, Kristen.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Apr 09 2008 09:48

Thank you. I guess it was only a matter of time. I can be pretty jerky when I won't let her smother her brother, watch Dora for the 75th time, get into my purse, etc...Life's hard for a 3 yr old who thinks she owns the planet.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Apr 09 2008 09:49

btw, congrats on the winnings! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 09 2008 13:05

Isn't it the truth... when will children realize that the world does not, in fact, revolve around them? I knew plenty of people in college who still thought that, so who knows.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Apr 09 2008 15:20

wait. does that mean the world doesn't revolve around me???

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed Apr 09 2008 17:06

Only because you're in London, Rachel and we all know the world revolves around London (only kidding--I would love to visit London sometime, but unfortunately you'll probably be long graduated by that time). I guess with the dollar being so low right now though, perhaps the world does revolve around London.

Good things happen when people are loyal to family college sport teams. I have some friends from class who went to the game and said it was really good.


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