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[Comments] (5) Feelin' It: Had a very nice Memorial Day weekend, despite the cold and the wet. Kristen, Aaron, Lily, & Gunnar came for breakfast Friday morning. Lily & Gunnar picked on Maggie a little bit, but I think it was good for her. Susie says Maggie picks on Collette sometimes. So it was her karma catching up with her. Friday afternoon we made the trek to Provo to pay homage to Roy & Frances. We walked around campus afterward and I finally came to peace with BYU. The walk was nice and I realized it's a nice place. I no longer hold the university in contempt.

Saturday we took Justin to see "Prince Caspian." I clearly have forgotten the Narnia series, as I was confused in a few places. But I really enjoyed the movie. Maggie wanted to play, of course, so I sat on the floor off to the side while she walked around and read books. She started throwing things, so I scolded her, she cried as usual, and I rocked her until, miracle of miracles, she fell asleep in a public place (something she refuses to do). So even though my entire left arm fell asleep, I got to watch the last half of the movie in peace. We spent the rest of Saturday at my parent's entertaining Chad. He was supposed to go paintballing, but Jodi & Franco bailed without telling him. Poor kid. He spent the day weeding. So we got him pizza for dinner.

Sunday was awesome. I taught a personal best Sunday School lesson. I think the kids really enjoyed it. It was on prophets so we split into teams and we played memory with the quorum members. We also listened to parts of conference and they had to guess which of the brethren was speaking just by the voice. Then I played some Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc to do the same thing with. The point was that they need to get to know the brethren as well as they know One Republic. But they actually did a pretty good job at naming the prophet by voice (better than Susie & I did). We've had two less active kids coming more regularly lately as well. I felt like I related to the kids really well. Problem is, it's hard to come up with lessons like that every week. The manual, of course, is no help.

Sunday night we went to the cabin and spent the night. It was really fun. Even though we did the same thing we do every night at home (went for a walk, put Maggie to bed, read books, went to bed) it was fun to do it somewhere else. It wasn't too cold and we got to watch a lot of people fishing at the lake.

Today is back to work (and to running). I'm up to 4 miles now every morning, so I am improving. I'm really enjoying these early morning runs.


Posted by Susie at Tue May 27 2008 20:49

You're such an awesome SS teacher. =)

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed May 28 2008 14:10

I didn't know you had angst against BYU? I have an LDS friend here who went to Yale and my stomach just squirmed to hear the stories of coed dorms (where most Yalies live including the majority of seniors), Sex-week, full frontal attacks by professors on his values and religion.

I suppose BYU students have to deal with a zero tolerance policy on Dick Cheney protests, but i'm glad I didn't have pornography shoved in my face in class and in my dorm room. I guess it could be much worse.

Posted by John at Wed May 28 2008 15:07

It wasn't BYU. It was the people. Hypocrisy run amok.

OK, I guess it was BYU too. The whole Honor Code/BYU Football thing bothers me. I think the football team should be done away with, because our recruiting policy is unethical. We allow people to come to our University based on the fact that they can catch a pigskin (and poorly at that), when they in fact have no intention of abiding by the rules. Meanwhile, students are turned down left and right. The University argues it is good PR for the church to have a football team. But when the team sucks, and there is bad PR because the players get arrested all the time, it makes me cringe to write that tithing check sometimes. I don't approve of my money supporting bad sportsmanship.

I loved my major, my professors, and the high calibre of most students in the accounting program. And the Tanner Building addition is funded entirely by alumni! That's because Tanner Building alumni actually use their degrees to make money, hence the donations not coming from tithing.

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed May 28 2008 18:49

Yup. It's true. Louise's roommate was a 'spy' for the athletic department. Her job was to make sure the football players were in class every day. She had photos of the ones she was following and walked around poking her head into classrooms. If you can't be responsible enough to pass your classes then you probably shouldn't be in football.

Posted by Kristen at Wed May 28 2008 20:47

We visited BYU too. I don't think Aaron was quite ready to make peace with BYU yet, but I sure liked the trip down memory lane. He just hated the science dept and how grueling it was. Pretty much hates school period.

I can't believe they pay people to spy on football players...I definitely think if they aren't responsible enough to pass classes, they shouldn't have their hand help to do it.


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