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[Comments] (4) Can you hear me now?: So yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. There's this new lady in the ward, from England, rather obnoxious really, and her cell phone rings in church. She answers it, while sitting on the second row of pews, and talks on it for a good 5 minutes before putting it away. All the while, this lady is on the stand crying about something or other.

I have to wonder where some people learn their etiquette. Would it have killed her to sit in the foyer if she is expecting a call. Or, at the very least to answer it, say "hold on a minute, love" and walk into the foyer to continue her conversation? I was not raise to presume the world revolves around me. But apparently some people were. What it must be like to be living in that sort of delusion.


Posted by Susie at Mon May 05 2008 12:37

I can not believe she sat there talking on her cell phone in her normal voice! And it rang really loudly too.

Posted by Mom at Tue May 06 2008 11:05


Posted by Kristen at Thu May 08 2008 11:38

There was this Irish guy in our ward who would sit in the first couple rows, and when his baby would cry would just stand up right there and bounce her. He would stand there for 10-20 minutes. Right in the middle of Sacrament meeting, right in the middle of the room. It was really weird.

Posted by Joe Walch at Sun May 11 2008 22:26

Some people.

Sounds like a narcissistic personality problem to me.


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