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[Comments] (2) hot and heavy: The 4th was pleasantly cool yesterday, due to cloud cover and some slight breezes. We spent the morning at the Lehi pool for the annual Holbrook swim extravaganza. Maggie decided to hate the pool for the first 5 minutes, but thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the swim. She mostly cruised around in her little inflatable thingy, and watched people dive and play. She also snuggled with Grandma and ate raisins while we had water relay races.

Lunch was at the cabin, and we stayed the night. Maggie got to pet the neighbor's horses and seemed to be pretty excited about it. Today's much hotter so we are hiding inside. I'm ready for September weather now.

Grandma June was supposed to die Thursday night, but she still made it to the parties, and actually stayed at the cabin until the last family left. It's amazing what one can do on her deathbed.


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