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[Comments] (6) Free Babysitting: I realize I haven't been to the temple since we moved. Busy season in the winter got in the way, and during the summer my parents are never around and Jamie moved to Logan and Erin got a job. It's been tough. Just getting my recommend renewed was a nightmare because they only do it on Tuesdays here instead of Sunday. I really want to go, and I'm hoping against hope to take Tuesday off since Monday is the 15th, but my parents cancelled on babysitting. I can't remember why because I'm so out of it this week, but it seemed like a wierd reason to me. And even though Erin doesn't work Tuesdays, she can't watch Maggie either.

And even though I got up at 5 am all week, I'm getting pressure to work tomorrow to get the work done. Never mind that I never had to work a Sunday in the OC. Apparently it's too much to ask for among my so-called peers and equals in terms of religious beliefs.

What's the point of this rant? I moved to Utah for a family network that doesn't seem to exist. I've been having dreams that I moved back to the OC and even got my old cube back. I wonder if it's even a possibility at this point? I'd go even without the old cube, even though I really liked that one. If this rant doesn't make sense, chalk it up to lack of sleep, extreme anxiety, and missing my beet, whom I saw for a total of 3 hours this week.

UPDATE: None of the above matters anyway. I'm at work today. Kel surprise. I'm waiting for the client to get here and have nothing to do. What a joke. So. Got my raise today. I guess if you are going to ask someone to cancel a personal day, it's an ok day to give a raise, as long as the raise exceeds expectations. And it does. It triples expectations. Even though it's my lowest % raise, it's not the lowest $ raise. Hooray for increase in base! Sorry for the previous rant. I was tired due to lack of sleep and getting bad sleep (not feeling rested in the morning having bad dreams about work not getting done, not being able to explain to partners what I did on returns, things not tieing out that I had spent hours tieing out, etc).


Posted by Susie at Sun Sep 14 2008 14:03

And she still loves you so much! She cried in nursery and ran toward the door - even though I was in there with her.

Posted by Rachel at Sun Sep 14 2008 16:40

I would baby sit for you!!

Posted by Sumana at Sun Sep 14 2008 22:35

Condolences, love and strength winging your way, John.

Posted by Jill at Mon Sep 15 2008 00:27

hey I forgot you guys were in Utah until my mom was talking about Susie's b-day. Now that I am in SLC I can come play with the kiddo...well I can after I finish my nursing internship in OCT. then I will have time. :)

Posted by Kristen at Mon Sep 15 2008 10:41

I can empathize. My mom "has a life" and she can't drop things to watch my kids very much. It's so nice when she can though. I don't hold it against her though, she still has Lorna at home and up until a few months ago, she was teaching seminary and remodeling her house. She definitely is busy.

Posted by Erin at Mon Sep 15 2008 21:07

You just happened to pick the day we're celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary to ask me to babysit. I would be happy to do it for you another time :) We love watching Maggie!


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