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[Comments] (1) neverending workie: Thought I was going to have the weekend off, but the boss had other plans. At least I convinced him to let me work from home. He almost ruined my massage.

So I finally had my first massage on Saturday. Contrary to popular belief, it was a bit akward. I still can't decide which scenario is more akward: a male or a female masseuse. I was informed I would have a male but in the end had a female. Halfway through the massage I was in that relaxed, sleepy mode. At that point it was nirvana and wasn't wierd anymore.

We've also began the laborious task of painting our garage. Susie wanted teal; I wanted white. White it is. We've put primer on the drywall and will apply the paint next weekend. Is it wierd to paint a garage? I've seen a few that I thought looked really nice and Susie and I figure that we can do it ourselves because it's just a garage so it doesn't have to be perfect. Susie already likes it better with just the primer.

We also bought some new plants and ripped out all the old ones in the front yard. I have my own vision for the yard that will take years to come to fruition. One step at a time. This weekend's step was to rip out the ivy in the front yard grow box and the 3 green shrubs next to the driveway. We've replaced it with some wheat bundles and blue fescue ground cover. I figure that our decor should match our surroundings, and since our subdivision is the fields then so be it. I like that it added my own touch and I put in very easy-to-manage plants that apparently require little water, lots of sun, and thrive in bad soil. Go figure. I'll never have to touch them again. To appease the wife, we got some hyacinth bulbs as well. I seldom get on a yard-work kick so I figured I'd better run to Home Depot and do all this stuff before the mania waned.

Work should be interesting this week. Among other things, I get to fly in a client's private jet to Jackson, WY so he can sign his return.


Posted by Kristen at Mon Sep 22 2008 08:01

So how much do you have to make to own a private jet?


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