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[Comments] (3) The Perfect Crime: So the 15 has these signs that tell me how many minutes until I get home. They are never right. Even when there is no traffic, it still takes longer than the sign says. I typically hover around 5 miles over the speed limit. So basically it sounds like the government WANTS me to speed to get home in the time allotment they provide for me. I wonder how that excuse would hold up.

I'd love to post more about my doings this past month, but with two managers quitting this week, I've got more work to do than I know what to do with it. If nothing else, it's job security.

[Comments] (2) Maggie & Me: Things Maggie loves:

Eating cereal with me for breakfast; watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"; spelling anything and everything; eating treats; going to nursery; going to the park to swing and slide; reading; when I start to say "daddy loves..." she always interrupts with "mama!"; her three piglets and blanket, that she must sleep with; throwing her balls down the stairs to me, which I toss back up to her; play eating with her fake food; going to the zoo; singing E-I-E-I-O; singing the wheels on the bus with her frog hand puppet; wearing her coat indoors; giving kisses on command.

pray tell: I received a bill in the mail for Maggie's hospital visit for $6,341.02! Never mind that our max out of pocket is $2K, our deductible is $1K, and the excess can only be billed at 15% (meaning the total the can charge me is $1,800).

How could socialized medicine be any worse than this? The turkeys.

[Comments] (2) spring break: Spring is here (at least for the day) so we took full advantage:

Last night we went to the Draper temple open house. While it is a beautiful building, I felt there was a lot of wasted space that could have been used to make a session fit 60 people instead of just 50. Maggie enjoyed that she got to ride a bus to the temple, but was otherwise quite bored. It's not fun having your child be the one to scream in the celestial room because the cattle line is moving so slow. End result is that a 3-hour tour is too much to ask to visit 10 rooms in a temple 3 miles from our house. Even if there are cookies.

This morning I surprised Susie and Maggie for a belated V-Day and we went bowling! For some reason, I thought Susie was a better bowler than I, but I beat her 80-47. The morning bowling crowd is huge; lots of people were there at 9 am with us. Susie thinks the lady behind us was laughing at our pitiful attempt to hit the pins down as her 10 year-old seemed to compile strike after strike. But I told Susie at least we were playing, rather than just sitting on our duffs eating deep fried bowling food at 10 am like she was. I got four spares and Susie got a strike!

I should mention that Maggie did not like the gist of bowling. She cried everytime someone threw a ball because it disappeared. We taught her how they come back and that seemed to quell most of her fears. She also didn't like it when the pins got knocked down, the sensitive thing. I guess bowling is too violent for her tender disposition.

Next we went at bought Maggie a bed for her birthday! We can pick it up next week. The headboard is a white picket fence motif. Maggie loved laying on all the beds at the store, and still remembers we bought her a white bed with purple sheets.

We also bought her some new clothes, now that she is finally growing. Babies R Us is a fun store; I always want to buy Maggie lots of dresses there.

Then we came home and I went running OUTSIDE because it's such a nice day! Later we're going to the park. I also perused the backyard today and noticed that the weed seed has been busy this winter. Weeding is a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. Time to go clean up.

It was nice to take a break in the midst of busy season and enjoy at least one weekend not working.


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