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[Comments] (7) quickie: Quick break before I go insane: worked until nearly 1 am, back to it by 9 this morning, with no end in sight. Well, end in sight, obviously, is April 15th. It seems like no end in sight.

Susie and I are expecting baby sprout on October 3, 2009. It is entirely possible sprout will not come until October 12, however, if history has anything to do with it. Maggie knows there is a baby in mommy's tummy, but we're not sure if she knows what that means.


Posted by Mom and+Dad at Tue Mar 24 2009 16:01

We had to read it here. We didn't get a phone call? Congrats.

Posted by John at Tue Mar 24 2009 16:47

This can't be my mom and dad posting, as they were the first to know after Susie, me, and Maggie. We taught Maggie to say baby on cue when we ask "what's in mommy's tummy?" My mom and dad have known about sprout since February.

I smell an imposter.

Posted by Mom and+Dad at Tue Mar 24 2009 18:56

No, it's really us. Yes, we knew about the baby but hadn't talked to Susie after the doctor appointment. This wee one has already won our hearts and I like details. No offense meant here.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Mar 24 2009 20:32

Joe and Louise are due Oct 7th I think or there about. Congrats, two are a lot of fun.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Mar 25 2009 07:09

HUZZAH YAY! Mighty congrats from the East Coast.

Posted by John at Wed Mar 25 2009 10:38

Yeah I saw on Joe's Facebook. And I think Julie and Shelley are due in August. Fun times!

Posted by Auntie Rachel at Thu Mar 26 2009 08:13

it's the year of the baby, then! how exciting. We have tax season fatigue in our house, too.

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