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[Comments] (5) the anti-hijack: Rather than hijack a very lengthy comment on Sumana's blog, my response is thus: "But [Jon] Stewart is saying that our wealth, the prize that we've earned, isn't money, but our ability to earn money. Our asset is the ability to create assets."

Yes! People that have gobs of money are not necessarily happy, because spending money brings but momentary pleasure. But the ability to earn the money you spend helps you take ownership of spending choices and pride in what you buy.

Additionally, I find it very satisfying to get paid. But I find it equally satisfying to add value in the workplace. It is very rewarding to see a project end, and know that, without me, the outcome may have been different, even wrong. I get excited when I add value. The idea of punching in and punching out never made sense to me, yet many employed people do little more than clock-watch all day.

We had layoffs this past week, and while I feel for those "who will continue their careers outside of the firm," as the man put it, these people cared little for the value of work.

While there are plenty of CEOs to blame, tis true that many people trusted them for no other reason that they were invested in their product and had to likewise peddle it to sustain the bubble of easy street earnings. I think we would all do well to remember that nothing in life is free, contrary to what the MLM gigs of the world would have you believe.

My church often talks about work being an eternal principle. The very idea of eating bon bons on a cloud in the eternities is simply incorrect. We believe we will be working, having families, creating worlds, managing said worlds, etc. The prerequisites to do the above will require a deep understanding of science, management, and other soft skills. I certainly am not qualified for the above, but I'm willing to learn it when the time comes. I wonder how many will effectively opt out because the road is too hard?

park in the dark: Our neighborhood hosted a flashlight egg hunt. When we arrived just before dark, I could see hundreds (possibly thousands) of eggs scattered everywhere. I thought, well this will be lame. But once it was dark, it was harder to find them. Especially in the back of the park where the grass was unkempt and very long.

Though it was already 30 minutes past Maggie's bedtime, she was wide awake and rearing to go. She was slow, to be sure, but she sure enjoyed gathering her eggs. I had to help her out a lot, and sometimes the egg my light was shining on would be snatched before Maggie could waddle over to me, but she had fun anyway.

People that used to live in our neighborhood but have since moved away all came back for the gala. It's clearly a very popular event and quite the eggstravaganza.

[Comments] (2) in the spotlight: Yesterday I got to take a break from work and go get glamourshots! Apparently we put pictures and bios in our big proposals, and since this was my first one, I got to go through the ringer.

The photographer was really nice, but it felt wierd to be taking pictures to give to clients. Why should they care what I look like? Competence is not based on looks.

I tried to pawn the bio off on a coworker and told them to think of it as an eulogy, but no one was biting.

[Comments] (2) One nation under the sun: No surprise, President Obama is taking a lot of flack in UT for saying the US is not a Christian nation. As for me, I tend to agree with Obama. If we're a Christian nation, how come I have to work on Good Friday?

[Comments] (1) holiday fever: Maggie seems to have her first understanding of a holiday, thanks mainly to various neighborhood/community egg fights (I can't in good faith call it a hunt when the eggs are scattered on the floor in plain sight and the parents line their kids up to grab as many as possible at the sound of a fire engine horn), and Charles Schulz. She even gave the Easter Bunny at IKEA a hug for a treat, which is huge for such a shy little thing. Today she practically crawled under grandma's car in her church dress to give the cat one of her pieces of candy.

We didn't give each other anything for Easter this year, other than candy-filled eggs, because it just seemed like the right thing to do. I think this decision was spurred partly by my souring to a story of a coworker's wife scouring the valley for 3 matching Gymboree dresses for her daughters and the fact that, at the end of busy season, the best gift is time with my family. Susie and I concur that the former is totally a woman thing; I get zero pleasure at the thought of my children wearing matching outfits, let alone frilly Easter ones that they wear once at Easter and grow out of. It was nice to simplify Easter.

Due to a cold, wet spring here in UT, we spent two hours at IKEA on Saturday. Maggie was in heaven. She enjoyed having us all sit on different furniture and stare at each other. She also enjoys playing on the toys in the kids section, including a rocking moose and a tent just her size. She also had to point out all the arrows on the floor by lying down on them. We didn't buy anything but got some nice, dry exercise away from the rain.

3 more days!

[Comments] (4) Marry Me!: Susie and I spent last night at the condo in Park City and had a decent time, despite the fact that it was 30 degrees and snowing and Maggie slept in that small double bed with us, and even then kept screaming all night. Will spring ever come this year?

After we put Maggie to bed, Susie and I always watch a movie at the condo. It's about the only time we watch movies, and since we only go to the condo twice a year to celebrate the end of a busy season, we see precious few flicks. That being said, we normally try and see something that has a local buzz. The movie this time was "Mamma Mia!" and I personally thought it was horrid.

But a critique of the movie is not the point; who knew you could write a hit musical all around the songs of a Swedish band? I assume ABBA is more or less a one-hit wonder because Susie only recognized "Dancing Queen" and I recognized two others, but not by name.

The point is, what other bands could we do this with? U2 comes immediately to mind, and Pink Floyd must be a possibility, what with the endless laser shows at planetariums across the world dedicated to them. The Beatles, maybe? Or are they too popular to get away with it? Any others? I told Susie that I'm tired of busy seasons so she and Rachel should write one based on Coors music and it could be Mamma Mia in reverse, set in Ireland, a young bridegroom desires his real mother to walk him down the aisle....

We also discovered a back way to downtown from the condo down Monitor Drive that puts you within walking distance of Prospector Square, so now we can walk to our dining choices. I would love to live somewhere that has that suburban feel at my house but yet is within walking distance of the downtown proper. I've decided precious few communities offer this, and most tend to be in cooler climates, but maybe I can retire somewhere like that.

Lastly, Maggie must have watched a Hitchcock movie lately because she makes me taste everything before she'll sample it herself. I'm getting tired of always getting her two of whatever she wants, just so she can give me one of them. I'm trying to lose weight after busy season, not gain it. She's always up to something.

[Comments] (2) lee scoresby: The Park City McDonald's has stepped it up a notch, with flat screen tv's as far as the eye can see, including in the powder room. CNN was on, and they were discussing TX's ridiculous desire to secede from the Union. Pooh Pooh.

Doesn't TX understand what the civil war was about? I think too many Americans think it was about slavery, which is incorrect. The Civil War was about states rights, and the fact that SC and the followers had no legal right to secede from the Union, because the federal government trumps state governments and the federal government did not allow them to leave.

I'd be ok if TX left, however. The so-called immigration problem would now be theirs alone to battle--good luck with that one. I personally don't think immigration is a problem, because since I'm unwilling to pick the grapes of wrath, far be it from me to deny someone else the pleasure. And it is also my opinion that undocumented workers are the problem of the employer, not the employee, but I digress.

I wonder how the Walch family views this whole fiasco. Kristen and Aaron may find themselves trapped in a foreign country before they get the chance to move!

[Comments] (1) the best things in life are not free: but fortunately, they only cost a dollar. Maggie has enjoyed three nights in a row at the park, her favorite place in the world. Sunday night we watched people flying kites. Maggie insisted she be given a turn, so we had to take her home kicking and screaming. We bought her a Cars kite today and had the skies to ourselves (less the hang gliders). Pictures at I'm too lazy to post the link.

Apparently my daughter really is precocious, because I remember HATING kite flying growing up because I couldn't do it, and here is my two year-old, flying a kite while she plays with some cat, looks at the deer on the mountain, and points at the swings and slides. It's a moment I wish I could put in a bottle and relive during some future catastrophe.

[Comments] (1) healthy addiction: I'm officially addicted to Naked Juice, which is not a bad thing on its own. After all, a pound of fruit a day has a lot to offer a person. However, the unhealthy part of the addiction comes in the price tag--$4 a bottle. I guess I'm stuck with only affording it as part of my trip per diems. Luckily my Wednesday jaunt to San Jose should suffice until I go to Dallas in a week and a half.

: why do we let kids be two? our next one is going from one to three.

[Comments] (1) hit the road: A coworker bought a house a street over from ours in March, and since the demise of busy season, we have been carpooling. It's been just grand to whiz by all the accidents in the carpool lane and to keep a few miles off my car. It's also been nice to have some meaningful car conversations to help pass the time. Hopefully we can keep this up for a while.

Traffic for 2009 April

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