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[Comments] (2) One nation under the sun: No surprise, President Obama is taking a lot of flack in UT for saying the US is not a Christian nation. As for me, I tend to agree with Obama. If we're a Christian nation, how come I have to work on Good Friday?


Posted by Kristen at Sun Apr 12 2009 10:57

Probably b/c your employer and the fact that you guys have a deadline. Lily and Aaron both had school off.

Posted by John at Sun Apr 12 2009 20:18

BYU never gave school off for Good Friday. Nor do the public schools in UT, unless it happens to coincide with spring break, which did not always coincide with Easter.

I am just trying to make light of a subject that seems to be, in my opinion, overly important to people for reasons I cannot fathom. I can't understand why it really matters that our country has a religious identity. It seems to me that the more important matter is having a country filled with people that care about one another.

But we don't even have that, evidenced by the fact that, when I went jean shopping Friday night, I spent most of the time dealing with the dressing room people that basically give you the fifth degree because people are putting on new clothes in dressing rooms and walking leaving the old ones behind. What's up with that?

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