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[Comments] (4) Marry Me!: Susie and I spent last night at the condo in Park City and had a decent time, despite the fact that it was 30 degrees and snowing and Maggie slept in that small double bed with us, and even then kept screaming all night. Will spring ever come this year?

After we put Maggie to bed, Susie and I always watch a movie at the condo. It's about the only time we watch movies, and since we only go to the condo twice a year to celebrate the end of a busy season, we see precious few flicks. That being said, we normally try and see something that has a local buzz. The movie this time was "Mamma Mia!" and I personally thought it was horrid.

But a critique of the movie is not the point; who knew you could write a hit musical all around the songs of a Swedish band? I assume ABBA is more or less a one-hit wonder because Susie only recognized "Dancing Queen" and I recognized two others, but not by name.

The point is, what other bands could we do this with? U2 comes immediately to mind, and Pink Floyd must be a possibility, what with the endless laser shows at planetariums across the world dedicated to them. The Beatles, maybe? Or are they too popular to get away with it? Any others? I told Susie that I'm tired of busy seasons so she and Rachel should write one based on Coors music and it could be Mamma Mia in reverse, set in Ireland, a young bridegroom desires his real mother to walk him down the aisle....

We also discovered a back way to downtown from the condo down Monitor Drive that puts you within walking distance of Prospector Square, so now we can walk to our dining choices. I would love to live somewhere that has that suburban feel at my house but yet is within walking distance of the downtown proper. I've decided precious few communities offer this, and most tend to be in cooler climates, but maybe I can retire somewhere like that.

Lastly, Maggie must have watched a Hitchcock movie lately because she makes me taste everything before she'll sample it herself. I'm getting tired of always getting her two of whatever she wants, just so she can give me one of them. I'm trying to lose weight after busy season, not gain it. She's always up to something.


Posted by Sumana at Sat Apr 18 2009 04:32

I suspect the title of this entry to be an Arrested Development reference! And you made me guffaw with the Hitchcock joke.

The walkability of a neighborhood is really important to me too. I think you might enjoy reading Jane Jacobs's "The Death and Life of Great American Cities" which is basically the seminal work on the topic.

Posted by John at Sat Apr 18 2009 07:09

Sumana: You are correct on the reference. Maybe was a screenwriter, and here we are discussing musicals based on bands. I've decided I think Weezer would be a good candidate for this experience. But the day job will probably keep me from ever producing this dream.

I'll ask Susie to check out this book next time she's at the library.

Posted by Kristen at Sun Apr 19 2009 17:54

Across the Universe is a musical based totally on Beatles songs.

Posted by rachel at Tue Apr 21 2009 05:51

There are loads of shows like that, ie We Will Rock You, Jersey Boys. some of them are very popular.

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