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[Comments] (2) lee scoresby: The Park City McDonald's has stepped it up a notch, with flat screen tv's as far as the eye can see, including in the powder room. CNN was on, and they were discussing TX's ridiculous desire to secede from the Union. Pooh Pooh.

Doesn't TX understand what the civil war was about? I think too many Americans think it was about slavery, which is incorrect. The Civil War was about states rights, and the fact that SC and the followers had no legal right to secede from the Union, because the federal government trumps state governments and the federal government did not allow them to leave.

I'd be ok if TX left, however. The so-called immigration problem would now be theirs alone to battle--good luck with that one. I personally don't think immigration is a problem, because since I'm unwilling to pick the grapes of wrath, far be it from me to deny someone else the pleasure. And it is also my opinion that undocumented workers are the problem of the employer, not the employee, but I digress.

I wonder how the Walch family views this whole fiasco. Kristen and Aaron may find themselves trapped in a foreign country before they get the chance to move!


Posted by Kristen at Sun Apr 19 2009 18:02

What a joke. No one takes those people seriously, and they are probably few and far between. Tis true, states were under contract and couldn't succeed. It will never happen anyway.

The immigration is mostly about national security I think. I am not against it, I just think people should do it properly (legally)--like Michelle getting a work visa to work in London. Most if not all countries require documentation.

Posted by John at Sun Apr 19 2009 18:36

Kristin: I heard that it is in the TX constitution that it can elect to split into 5 states if it wants, which would greatly increase the Republican presence in the Senate. Is that true?

I also agree that immigration should be documented, but I wish that more blame was placed on the unethical employers that are willing to pay them under the table to save on taxes than on the immigrants themselves. After all, how many of us break laws that are not strictly enforced (speeding comes to mind)?

How fun that Michelle is going to London! I think documentation is a lot easier for an island like Great Britain than for a country with large land borders like the US.

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