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[Comments] (1) the best things in life are not free: but fortunately, they only cost a dollar. Maggie has enjoyed three nights in a row at the park, her favorite place in the world. Sunday night we watched people flying kites. Maggie insisted she be given a turn, so we had to take her home kicking and screaming. We bought her a Cars kite today and had the skies to ourselves (less the hang gliders). Pictures at I'm too lazy to post the link.

Apparently my daughter really is precocious, because I remember HATING kite flying growing up because I couldn't do it, and here is my two year-old, flying a kite while she plays with some cat, looks at the deer on the mountain, and points at the swings and slides. It's a moment I wish I could put in a bottle and relive during some future catastrophe.


Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 22 2009 07:29

She gets her precociousness from you!

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