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[Comments] (2) Candice Bergen: When I was a kid, I thought Murphy's Law had something to do with that show Murphy Brown. I was so little I never watched the show, but that's what I thought.

Anyway, tonight Susie and I headed up to Solitude to walk around Silver Lake with a few friends. We decided not to bring the camera, because we have enough pictures of outdoor excursions this year, between Yellowstone, Timp Cave, the Tetons, and Cascade Springs.

Well. We saw a moose. This was not just any moose. This moose sat there the whole time we were there, just eating dinner, not minding us at all, less than 500 feet away. I would have mistaken him for Thidwick, if there had been animals perched on his head. And there we were without a camera!

I kept telling my family in Yellowstone not to fret about moose findings, as we have them in UT. Unfortunately, without a camera to prove it, they'll just have to take my word on the subject.

[Comments] (3) material girl: Since Draper was recently pronounced the 22nd best city in the USA, Susie & I deemed it apropos to participate in the Draper Days activity this weekend. Yesterday morning we took Maggie to the parade, wherein she procured gobs of candy, most of which is salt water taffy. It was nice to see parents telling their kids to leave some on the road for Maggie, since she's a little slow at the candy-nabbing.

In the evening it was off to the horse pull, an event I've never before heard of, but only only $4 instead of the $20 we would have spent on a rodeo. I don't care much for rodeos, other than the nostalgic aspect of going with my grandparents every year in Lehi, because a part of me still thinks it's a socially acceptable form of animal cruelty. But I digress. The horse pull. Apparently each team takes turn pulling various weights 20 feet and it's a slow process of elimination. It was kind of slow, but was fun for a nighttime activity. Maggie of course kept asking when it was her turn to ride the horses, and I finally took her over to pet one of the horses for a while. She's two and already wants a pony.

Throughout all of the festivities, Maggie had no accidents. She's slowly getting the hang of this potty training thing. It will be nice to not have 2 kids in diapers simultaneously.

Last night we watched the fireworks from our porch. Then it was off to bed, after a long day of doing it Draper style. I enjoy community events, like the yearly parade and egg hunts, and enjoy living in a community that does stuff like this.

[Comments] (3) 29?: Let's do this thing.

[Comments] (2) gadgets and gizmos: I joined the 21st century today, by upgrading to a free Blackberry and linking my work email to the account. I'm rather weary of how to use it, but I think it will be nice to have. People keep asking me if I'm excited to be "chained" to my email. Actually, I am.

Picture it: a client calls me Friday night promising to send me work that must be done over the weekend. Not knowing when it's coming, and wanting to get it done early and not work on Sunday, I stay home all weekend pacing my laptop waiting.

No more. Now I can do what I want, where I want, knowing that, when the file comes, my handy dandy Blackberry will alert me to go home and work on the file. Bliss!

I got a Pearl flip, which is a pain not having a full keyboard, I've already decided, but I'm still happier to have it for it's small size. I can't picture myself wearing one of those holster things. I'm not that hip-py. But thinking about it always reminds me of that scene in "Hook" when Robin Williams 'draws' his brick cell phone against a coworker, in sort of a nod to the John Wayne days of yore. Yeah, that's so not me.


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