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weekend @ Bernie's: I have been super duper efficient at work this week, insomuch that I am all caught up for the time being. So, I'm going to enjoy this weekend!

Plans involve hiking to Cecret Lake (pronounced Secret), building up our food storage from the very nice surpise bonus check that came in the mail today from my employer), and possibly going to a cabin party so Maggie can ride a train.

My firm has also decided to audit my health care dependents. I'm assuming I was chosen at random, but it seems like quite a slam dunk for me to prove I'm married and have a two year-old.

[Comments] (3) Rainmaker: Every time Susie & I even think of escaping to the mountains for the weekend, it rains. We got absolutely soaked and muddy on our hike this morning, but Maggie loved holding the umbrella! Once it stopped, she kept asking for more rain.

We still had some fun indoor activities. I dusted off the old Nintendo 64 and Maggie got her first taste of video games in the form of Mario Kart.


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