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[Comments] (3) Rainmaker: Every time Susie & I even think of escaping to the mountains for the weekend, it rains. We got absolutely soaked and muddy on our hike this morning, but Maggie loved holding the umbrella! Once it stopped, she kept asking for more rain.

We still had some fun indoor activities. I dusted off the old Nintendo 64 and Maggie got her first taste of video games in the form of Mario Kart.


Posted by Leonard at Mon Aug 24 2009 11:42

Yay, Mario Kart.

Posted by Mom at Tue Sep 01 2009 13:32

We tried to get that game up and running a few weeks ago. We couldn't make it work and neither could Logan. How did you do it? We want to use it on Labor Day when Nathan and family are there.

Posted by John at Wed Sep 02 2009 00:08

Just keep trying and eventually it'll work. Though I couldn't make Donkey Kong work at all.

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