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[Comments] (3) PT NO?: Unfortunately for me, some major work came in on September 16, requiring me to juggle my supposed time off with meeting some one-off client expectations.

But we made it to Park City, so Maggie could ride a big swing, otherwise known as a ski lift. She also rode the alpine slide. She really wanted to ride the yellow car on the Alpine Coaster, but I had to keep reminding her that she can't until she turns 3. And within the last week, she has become very excited to turn 3.

She's obsessed with the letters on the mountain, and knows that daddy works by the U on the mountain. She's also obsessed with saying the prayer now. She can say "Heavenly Father thank you for this day" all on her own. Nope, no vain repetitions in this family....

At the condo in Park City, we told her it was Uncle Justin's, but since she has a cousin Justin, she kept calling it Tyler's house, the name of her other cousin. But she never asked where Tyler was, or why we were staying at his house. She wasn't too keen to spend the night there, but did well once she fell asleep. Though Susie's birthday is now over, Maggie keeps repeating that for mommy's birthday we are going on a big swing.

Maggie also likes to go shopping. She likes playing at Carter's, our favorite kid store, because they have toys. We like shopping at Carter's because it's not as pretentious as Gymboree, Children's Place, GAP Kids, Pottery Barn, or any other name brand child's store. Name brand kid's clothing is so silly to me, but a lot of parents just can't resist. She especially loves Harmon's, because they have the fancy carts that let her drive the little car in front. Sometimes we go to Harmon's just to let her ride in the car. It's a smart move for Harmon's, since I normally end up grabbing a Naked Juice on the way out.

Other Maggie-isms include going boom boom boom down the stairs, screaming at the top of her lungs that she went potty and washed her hands in public places, refusing to wear half of her wardrobe, when something is missing or has been returned to the library or whatnot having her say "go find it?".

I finished the newest Grisham, The Associate, but I didn't like it. I live the life of billing in six minute increments, so reading about it was not all that enjoyable.


Posted by Kristen at Mon Sep 21 2009 11:43

I agree with all the others, but Children's Place is actually way cheaper than Carters. They always have coupons to use on top of their sale items. That is where I get 90% of Gunnar's wardrobe. I never pay more than $4 for a polo shirt. I just bought Gunnar's shorts for next summer and paid $2.80 per pair. I got them last year after the season was over for $1.99 per pair and had a 10% off coupon. You can't beat that, or even make new clothes for that cheap.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Sep 21 2009 13:08 here is a link if you want to get Dalton some shorts for next summer. The code for the 15% off is V4989

Posted by Susie at Mon Sep 21 2009 14:09

We were at the Carter's Outlet, and they have specialized in marking everything down 50% so people think they're getting a good deal. It wasn't much cheaper than the stuff we bought at Babies R Us.

Don't forget that she always wants to go find you at work! She's been asking all day; she woke up when you left this morning.

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