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[Comments] (2) foxy loxy: Yesterday was my yearly jaunt to Jackson, WY, aboard a private jet. This year we took the smaller one, and boy did the ride feel more bumpy. We also had to take off twice in Jackson because we forgot someone in our return party! Taking off twice in a small plane like that made me quite ill.

I also saw a fox! It was beautiful, picture perfect, with it's reddish hair and white-tipped tail. It was injured and just came limping down the driveway while we were all working. I normally don't say much at these meetings, as I am most likely the only one at the table making less than a six-figure salary. But when I spotted that beautiful creature I had to interrupt and point him out.

In the interest of being confidential, I won't dispense with the usual stories this year, of which there are plenty. It's always a fun trip, though it did seem to wear me out a lot more than last year.


Posted by Mom at Tue Sep 29 2009 20:00

Seeing that Fox sounds so cool.

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 30 2009 20:19

Fox! =)

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