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[Comments] (1) patience on the side: Apparently I'm not the only impatient one waiting for Dalton. Susie was induced around 9, and I arrived at the hospital around 10, after dropping Maggie off at Grandma's house. When Susie had only dilated to a 3 in mid-afternoon, I began to dread another really really late one. But by 4:51 pm Dalton had arrived!

I tried to send a mass pix text to everyone in my phone about 45 minutes after Dalton was born, but it didn't like me. I know some people think waiting 45 minutes for a picture is a long time, but this is my baby and I will snuggle him as long as I want, and send pictures AFTER I'm satisfied.

Since attempt 1 didn't work, attempt 2 was to try to text one by one. Most people got that picture, though some still did not. Anyway, without further ado, and before I collapse from exhaustion, please check out Susie's picture blog for a day in the life of Dalton (ie a day in the life of a day).

Maggie seems to be taking out her aggression on me instead of Dalton. After I finally got her to bed and finished crying, I decided I'd rather she take it out on me than on Susie or Dalton. She certainly has been spoiled though; not only did she get a baby brother, everyone who brought Dalton a present also brought one to Maggie! Two year-olds can certainly be cruel. Hopefully getting Dalton home tomorrow and well-snuggled will ease my pain, as he is the master snuggle baby thus far.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Oct 11 2009 13:27

Those poor 2 yr olds. They don't know what hit em. Love newborns, they are the best cuddlers.

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