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[Comments] (2) Ode to Deseret: It started snowing this morning, ruining our plans to go to the Corn Maze. Luckily, we went a few weeks ago. But poor Rachel did not get to go. So instead I took Maggie on her first Chuck E Cheese outing. It snowed the whole time we were there, only to stop once we got home. Snow must know how I despise driving it in.

But I think Rachel got to experience all four seasons in her two weeks here!


Posted by Mom at Tue Oct 27 2009 19:14

Didn't it snow on Tues.?

Posted by John at Tue Oct 27 2009 20:50

Yes, I posted this on Tuesday. But the timestamps must be reflective of NY time....or London time. For example, I'm posting this comment on Tues 10.27 at UT time 9:48 pm. But apparently you posted your comment at 3:14 am on Wed.

I don't know all the details, but I will presume Leonard has more important things to do than fix this.

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