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[Comments] (1) just wikipedia it: Maggie has learned the word scary, but doesn't seem to understand fully what it means. Sometimes the table is scary. The other night, the song "Little Drummer Boy" was scary. The Care Bears are scary. Problem is, I'm not sure how to correct her definition of scary. Should I show her "Pet Cemetary," for example, to illustrate that the Care Bears really aren't all that scary? I think not.

I will tell you what is scary, the Christening clothing market. I refuse to spend $150 on white pants, vest, cufflinks, and hideous bow tie, on an outfit Dalton will wear for 30 minutes. I checked the handbook and it doesn't say that the outfit even has to be white, so he's gonna wear a white shirt, grey pinstripe pants, and a red vest. This outfit was only $20, and can be worn again until he grows out of it.


Posted by Kristen at Tue Nov 17 2009 12:44

There are more and more babies that are not going the way of all white these days. If I have a boy next he will most likely wear a white shirt with khaki pants or some sort of church pants instead of the white get up. I agree, why spend money on some hideous outfit that they will never wear again?

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