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[Comments] (2) misnomer: In-n-Out officially opened all their UT stores yesterday. I'm told the wait time was approximately 90 minutes. For a burger. Granted, my favorite burger, but still. When I went to the dentist this morning for the wisdom tooth extraction, he said clients were late for appointments waiting for said burgers.

I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I really need a break from work, and Maggie just loves "Daddy home day." I have a self-imposed list of things to do, including decking the halls, possibly re-painting our bedroom, setting up Dalton's college fund (started it last night), and planning for his Christening after-party. Hopefully there will still be time to relax and snuggle my children.


Posted by Alyson at Sun Nov 22 2009 13:09

I remember the days of 90 minute waits at Krispy Kreme when they opened in Provo. No thanks. Soon those lines will be within normal limits.

Posted by Kristen at Sun Nov 22 2009 17:58

umm in-n-out. yeah I will take my fast food fast. i hate painting!

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