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[Comments] (3) kiss the cook: Yesterday we had a nice Thanksgiving feast at the cabin. I made pumpkin creme brulee and cranberry smoothies.

A few months ago, when Rachel was here, she read Julie & Julia. I mentioned that Rachel should try the cooking experiment and write a book. She could mimic Rachel Ray, and it could be a Rachel versus Rachel book. We also observed that, one day, Dalton could do the same thing with Alton Brown. Now we just need to find someone whose name rhymes with Barefoot Contessa and we're all set for a mini-series!

The tree is trimmed, the house is decked, and the lights are hung. Incidentally, most of the Christmas presents are already wrapped and under the tree.

We also bought filled our stockings with a trip to Pirate-O's today. How that place can still smell like wet dog a year later makes no sense, but there you have it. The owner kept foisting marzipan on me, even though I was already purchasing some. We're ready for Christmas in Draper.


Posted by Susie at Sat Nov 28 2009 15:29

Thanks for the yummy desserts! And for decorating the house. And buying all the presents. And wrapping them...

Posted by Kristen at Mon Nov 30 2009 10:38

Do share your marzipan recipe. I bought it on accident instead of mascarpone, so now I have a tube of marzipan and nothing to make with it. I guess I could make google a cookie recipe but if yours is good...

Must feel good to be ready for the holidays.

Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 30 2009 18:27

The marzipan we bought was chocolate-covered to eat, not the paste that you use to bake with. John's aunt makes delicious Swedish bread with it though.

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