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[Comments] (2) Candice Bergen: When I was a kid, I thought Murphy's Law had something to do with that show Murphy Brown. I was so little I never watched the show, but that's what I thought.

Anyway, tonight Susie and I headed up to Solitude to walk around Silver Lake with a few friends. We decided not to bring the camera, because we have enough pictures of outdoor excursions this year, between Yellowstone, Timp Cave, the Tetons, and Cascade Springs.

Well. We saw a moose. This was not just any moose. This moose sat there the whole time we were there, just eating dinner, not minding us at all, less than 500 feet away. I would have mistaken him for Thidwick, if there had been animals perched on his head. And there we were without a camera!

I kept telling my family in Yellowstone not to fret about moose findings, as we have them in UT. Unfortunately, without a camera to prove it, they'll just have to take my word on the subject.


Posted by Susie at Sun Jul 12 2009 17:05

Also, while I was in the bathroom, Maggie and her little boy friend were holding hands. Apparently it was so cute that all the old ladies rushed to get out their cameras, so chances are we will eventually have a picture of that event.
Maggie loves to say "Moose!"

Posted by anonymous at Tue Jul 14 2009 14:35

Just a week after the Yellowstone trip Dave and I were driving in Sardine Canyon and guess what...two moose just off the more fretting about moose for us!


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