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[Comments] (4) all things dalton: The 15th came and went, as it does each year, and I'm slowly catching up on sleep and whatnot. Yesterday morning I went to temple and performed initiatory for Grandpa Dalton, and this morning I vicariously performed his endowment. Susie completed Grandma Rosie's work some time before, but now they are caught up and ready to be sealed to their parents and each other. This will take place tomorrow. It's nice having a temple 4 miles away so I can jaunt over there as my schedule permits.

Susie & I are also getting ready for the new Dalton. I believe we've settlend on a middle name, William, and Susie has started dilating. It appears Dalton wants out of the womb, unlike Maggie, who ferociously clung to the womb as long as possible. I'm still hoping for an October baby, so hopefully Dalton doesn't want out too badly.

Everyone, including Maggie, is very excited to meet him! His nursery is all set, though we still want for some boy clothes.

Tomorrow is Susie's birthday, meaning another pilgrimage to Park City is in the works. Park City will be gorgeous, as the leaves have begun to change. I love the post-September 15th world!


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