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[Comments] (1) child's play: Maggie has named her horse "eat hay." I'm not sure if the hay portion is a surname or not. This is exactly why children should not be allowed to name pets. You end up, like my brother, with a dog named "Cheat" and a cat named "Mr Big."

Sometimes when we are trying to steer Maggie in a certain direction, we give her choices. For example, if I don't want to watch the ever-monotonous Baby Einstein, I'll hold up Toy Story 2 and Winnie the Pooh and tell her to choose one. I think this is how I would let my child "pick" a pet name. That is, make a list of acceptable selections and let her pick from the list. Incidentally, Maggie now brings me a selection of movies to watch and let's me pick. The girl catches on quickly.

Maggie also calls "Green Eggs and Ham" "peas and ham."

I spent the weekend being sick and trying to recover before the trip this weekend. It was boring but restful. And Dalton and I enjoyed a 3-mile jaunt while Susie & Maggie were communing with God. It was a bright sunny day and actually felt good to be outside. Dalton must have agreed as he didn't mutter a peep the whole walk.


Posted by Sumana at Sun Jan 10 2010 21:28

If Leonard weren't asleep I would have laughed out loud at your first couplet there.

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