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[Comments] (6) the great leak: Word is finally circulating around the hood about the supposed-impending India extravaganza. Of course, my work still has told me nothing. People I've never talked to have come up to me to ask about India.

We got a new bishopric recently, which inevitably brings change on all fronts. New Relief Society, new callings, and, most importantly, rumors of a new Elder's Quorum Presidency. I told Susie I feel confident that, once released from the shackles of the guilt squad I will be left unfettered, due to the fact that our old Bishopric believed us to be teachers of false doctrine (their words, not ours. In retrospect, I should have asked them to define false doctrine, but I was blindsided, so who knows what I said). Susie doesn't think these kind of notes pass between bishoprics, but I'm not so sure.

This week I should enjoy a brief respite before I pick up for the last 5 weeks of busy season. I hope to enjoy it by spending time with Maggie, who tends to get quite cranky during busy season. She wakes up every morning at 7 when the garage door opens to bid me adieu out the window. I miss my kids when I work so much.

Maggie was sick last week and now it's Dalton's turn. It's hard to watch the kids be sick, but in some ways, it's also nice. They don't have the same energy for screaming as when they are well. They're so cute and pathetic that I actually find them extra-endearing. Is that horrible? It is what it is.

[Comments] (2) true love: Dalton is sick, so I got up 30 minutes early to snuggle him since he was whining, and also since I didn't see him last night before he went to bed. He smiled at me and fell asleep in a very akward position, basically staring up at me. I rocked him for 30 minutes then put him back to bed so I could get ready for work.

Then Maggie heard me so I got her up, got her some yogurt, and told her I had to go to work today, but that tomorrow was a daddy home day (ie daddy work from home day). That appeased her.

I get up and go to work early so I don't have to suffer saying to good-bye to the little ones, but they catch on quick. If they want to see me, they set their internal clocks for daddy work time I guess.

to sleep perchance to dream: Last night Dalton woke up about 2 am. Being sick and all, I opted to drag myself out of bed and snuggle him back to sleep, which seemed to quell him until about 8 am. We rocked in the rocking chair for about 30 minutes.

During this 30-minute interlude, there was silence, followed by a loud "No!" coming from Maggie's room, followed by more silence. I wonder who/what she was saying no to. It was probably me or Susie. I would love to experience a Maggie-sized dream.

to her with love: Happy Birthday pretty! I have a 3 year-old now.

I had hoped to work from home today, but it wasn't meant to be. There's always next year, or the year after that, or the year after that. I do at least hope to cut out early.

Maggie already opened her present from us anyway. We gave her a portable DVD player, in anticipation of the car ride to Bryce Canyon and the plane ride to India. The added bonus is she can now be near Susie when it's time to make dinner, instead of downstairs by herself. She really likes it!

[Comments] (2) up with the moon: I get up early. I guess 6:30 isn't super early, but it's early to me. Especially when it's dark again right after daylight savings. Maggie's room is next to the garage, and she has set her internal alarm clock to the opening of the door at 7 am as I trot off to work. She screams for Susie to get her to wave good-bye to me.

Today I could hear her screaming from the garage. So I went back in to say good-bye. She kept telling Susie to go to work and me to stay home. Oh, if only.

I guess I need to forgo the luxury of a garage for the home stretch of busy season and just park in the driveway to help Maggie get her beauty sleep.

qotd: "Whatever doesn't make you stronger will make you bitter." I'm not sure if this is an original John Chadwick or not, but I did think of it in my own little brain after working Sat morning 6 am - 12 noon in the office and then 6 pm - 1 am Sat night in the basement, with an hour-long break to snuggle a screaming baby.

April isn't the cruelest month; March is.


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