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[Comments] (1) second winter: It's been a cold, snowy week here. Just as things are easing up at work, in fact, it turns all nasty outside. Figures. In spite of it all, I fully intend to enjoy a nice Easter weekend with my family.

Last night an old mission companion hopped into town so we reminisced about ye goode olde days in the Kong. It makes me very excited to be able to go there. I found tickets for the whole family from India for $1,500, which is cheaper than one ticket from the US. And we can stay at temple housing for $10/night, so the trip should be affordable and a blast. Spending the next little bit in India is starting to feel real to me, now that busy season is waning, and I'm getting excited! The list in my head of must-sees in the Kong is beginning to formulate.


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