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[Comments] (2) and stuff: I am selling my gold Ford Escort to my nephews Chad and Justin. What the state is thinking allowing these hoodlums to drive is beyond me. But what can you do? My sister needs another car and I figured, since I don't need mine for the next year, why not? She's been a grand car (my car, not my sister). I got her about a week after my mission. So here we are, 9 years later, 85K miles later. I searched high and low for the title but cannot find it. But apparently in UT I can still sell it without it, by, you'll never guess...filling out extra paper work for the state to process!

Upon looking for the title, I ran across a black and white photo of Leonard and Susie circa 1985. Leonard's shirt says "Have a Smurfy Day!" I'm curious how to accomplish this. I have a feeling, based on the picture on the shirt, that it involves taking a nap on a cloud that has a rainbow on top. Yeah, I could use that right about now. I've always wanted to use the word circa in a sentence.

We're also renting our house while we are gone. Between a forgone car, packing up the house, getting immunized (did that Monday), etc, things are starting to come together.


Posted by rachel at Thu Apr 29 2010 02:02

hooray!! But I can't believe your nephews are old enough to drive!

Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 30 2010 06:41

Even if she did sit down once.

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