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[Comments] (3) wearing genes: Dalton appears to be his daddy's boy. He's an early riser like me, which is great on the weekends. I get to snuggle him in a nice quite house, while mommy and her little protege Maggie sleep in.

It's raining today, ruining my plans for a nice run and marathon day of yard work. When we told everyone in CA we were moving to UT, they all told us we'd miss the weather. But you only have one season in CA, I'd mention. Sure it's awesome, but it's all the same. But UT only has two, they'd retort. Too hot and too cold. Tis true; spring and fall seem to be nonexistent. How did I not notice this growing up? At least it never snows in May in India!

Today, instead, I get to help someone move and go to a boring church meeting. At least next week's work schedule is somewhat promising: I'll be in Dallas for training and can enjoy a nice, quiet hotel room for some relax time.

I finished Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" this week. Dreadful. His books really are all the same. Though the more I think of it, I really disagree with Joseph Walch that he's anti-Christian. I think the point he's trying to convey is that all religious and social milieu can be traced back to one beginning; this explains the similarities. Which one is still pure (if any) and which have been corrupted is the question. But regardless, focusing on the similarities in the world's cultures is the right thing to do. Enough pontificating; regardless of the message, the book was still horrid.

where have all the 5K's gone?: I am running a 5K in Draper in two weeks to support a Draper City police officer with a rare kind of cancer that, shock, his insurance won't cover. I heard about this 5K in the Draper paper. Also included in the paper were adds for Bake Sales to cover medical costs for people that have pre-existing conditions not covered by their insurance. Alas, every page of the paper was covered with sob stories.

So, for all the faults of the health care bill, one question looms large: when everyone is taken care of, what will we run for? Or bake for? Indeed.

[Comments] (2) doing without: I have determined that wallets, keys, and cell phones are extremely hard on dress pants. As such, I am scaling back on wearing such items. I keep my keys in my briefcase on work days and only wear them on weekends. I keep my wallet in my briefcase on weekdays and just leave it in the car on weekends (out of sight of course).

The phone is harder to part with, however.

I don't miss the key lines on my pants or the rate at which a wallet rips a whole near the back pocket. I think I'm truly onto something here.

never more: They have turned off the white noise at work (though the intent for such action is unknown; I suspect it's broken, given our history with the management company here). It is eerily quiet and I can hear phone conversations across the cube banks. That means my phone conversations are no longer private. What to do?

Anyone else ready for 'Lost' to be done?

[Comments] (2) Maggie Funnies: Maggie: Who's at the door?

Me: It's nobody.

Maggie: It's yes-body.

I think I hate weedwhacking more than anything else in life.

[Comments] (3) Happy Days: I don't have to go back to work until June!

Today I worked from home, and Dalton kept pulling on my mouse cord, so I unplugged the mouse and let him play with it, as using the mouse pad on the laptop was less annoying than the constant tugging. Now my mouse won't work. I guess that's what I get.

Susie and I watched "Seven Pounds" last night and it was fine, but I'd never watch it again; it's too depressing. But I think we should subject teenagers to watching it, because it shows what comes of texting. As the news reported here in UT, texting is the leading cause of teenage deaths. I think they mean texting while driving; otherwise, I'm very confused. I also assume the title of the movie has reference to Shakespear's "Merchant of Venice" but who can say?

Other new haps including packing up all our belongings and placing them into one room in the house, watching Rachel book tickets to India while we still sit on the sidelines, and preparing for our yearly jaunt to Provo tomorrow to visit Frances, Roy, and the Y on the mountain.

for the dead: Yesterday we went to Provo. We hiked up to the top of the Y on the mountain. Maggie first thought we had chanced upon snow; she never really seemed to internalize that we were indeed atop the big Y on the mountain she pines for so often. It was a very strenuous hike and gave me blisters. It also gave me heart attacks watching kids climb all over it like it was a ride at an amusement park. The Y is very unstable and at a very steep grade. But I guess when you have 10 kids, what's the difference if one falls off?

After we had lunch at Hogi Yogi and then onto visit Roy & Frances. Maggie got a time out at the cemetary, but Dalton was having fun eating the plastic fork I brought to stick Dalton's homecard i luv you card into the grass. For once, the tombstone was actually clean of debris!

Today we went to the Lehi Cemetary with Grandma June. She pondered having her name on a tombstone while I dug around Grandpa to plant some fountain grass. I told Grandma it blooms like wheat and she was so impressed I knew how to use a shovel. I had to carfully plant the night-lights on the edge of the fountain grass so it won't get mowed over. Hopefully I built a sufficient bumper around the plant. We also put down some daisies and a note from Maggie on Grandpa's grave.

Grandma was thrilled that we brought her a nice, comfy, padded folding chair to sit on and a blanket to snuggle with Dalton (it's windy and 50 degrees outside in our anti-spring world here) but unfortunately, what with all the grandma-planning, we forgot the camera.

Next we went to American Fork cemetary to visit Grandma and Grandpa Chadwick's gravesite. Good thing Grandma June came with us; she remembered where it was, next to the bench, as I couldn't for the life of me remember where they were buried; I don't think I've been to visit them in 7+ years. We also gave them some daisies and a card made with love by Dalton.

Lastly we took Grandma to Zupa's for lunch, on us, for a change. She not only ate her entire bowl of soup, she also ate a whole piece of bread and two of our chocolate-dipped strawberries. She would have eaten all three but I wouldn't let her eat Maggie's. Then we played at Grandma's house for a while and now we are at home resting from our day of the dead excursions.


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