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[Comments] (2) doing without: I have determined that wallets, keys, and cell phones are extremely hard on dress pants. As such, I am scaling back on wearing such items. I keep my keys in my briefcase on work days and only wear them on weekends. I keep my wallet in my briefcase on weekdays and just leave it in the car on weekends (out of sight of course).

The phone is harder to part with, however.

I don't miss the key lines on my pants or the rate at which a wallet rips a whole near the back pocket. I think I'm truly onto something here.


Posted by Sumana at Tue May 11 2010 17:41

Hmm, now I want to invent an awesome innovation in durable pocket fabric for dress pants just to help you with this problem. If only I were a textiles scientist!

Posted by Susie at Wed May 12 2010 07:07

I still think men should start using purses. =D

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