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[Comments] (1) today and beyond: Packing and boxes, boxes and packing. That's pretty much the life right now. We move in two weeks, though our visas are still in limbo. I guess our stay at the 'rents house will be longer than we thought. I hope they don't mind; I already know we mind. As much fun as it is to be delayed and living out of a suitcase is, I'd rather be on my merry way.

Yesterday I was running late to a meeting in Farmington and so of course I got pulled over for speeding. The officer didn't give me a ticket, however! He said thanks for being honest about speeding and let me go on my way.

I'm reading the Hunger Game series and can't put them down.

[Comments] (2) lost and found: I was invited on Monday to a reunion of Vocal Ensemble, an elite group of the top 28 voices in my high school. Twelve years down the road, I must admit, I was not good at keeping in touch with any of the old clan. I had moved on, and had reservation about attending the event last night.

Also, I apparently was missing. No one could find me. They finally tracked me down in the nick of time for the reunion. I had no idea I was missing. Apparently not having a Facebook makes it easy for one to go missing.

Anyway, Susie had a piano recital, so I took the kids and went. I made a goal to talk to everybody and not just my old clan of friends. I had a really nice time. I must have been missed, not having been at any previous gatherings, due to being lost, because people were also interested in my kids. A handful of people complimented them thoroughly. And I've learned that it's a huge deal when you can eke out a compliment from those who already have multiple kids of their own. Jana in particular was enthralled with Dalton and held him for about half of the time I was there.

Also, apparently the past 12 years have been good to me. Several people told me they didn't recognize me and thought I was the spouse of a female VE alumna.

I've avoided high school reunions because I didn't want to relive any popularity contests or engage in a debate as to who had spent the past 12 years in the greatest endeavors; but this gathering wasn't like that at all. Everyone was very complimentary of each other and genuinely interested in each others lives. I think I'll continue to avoid the reunions, however. As mentioned above, this group was the cream of the crop; I guess I shouldn't be that surprised how nice everyone was.

[Comments] (5) 5-year blur: I received accolades recently for my 5-year anniversary with EY. To reward me, I was allowed to choose a gift. The gift choices included a toaster, a waffle iron, some jewelry, an MP3 Player, etc. All interesting choices as a way to celebrate 5 years of service. I chose a suitcase, since it'll come in useful on our move.

Can't wait to see how I'll be rewarded for 10 years of service. Perhaps I'll get a tie rack!

wishful thinking: I really wish my local ward would check their politics at the door when they come to church. There's a new 's' word in town....

[Comments] (2) in His hands: Moving out of my house tomorrow. Still to green light from the Indian consulate. Basically, we are going to be living on faith that we won't be homeless for too long. I'm told the last coach got the green light two days before they wanted him there; he technically made it on time because of that.

Going to IL all next week for training. Looks like, one way or another, I'm going to be living out of suitcases for the next month at least.

steak and eggs: It's tornado-ing in the vicinity all week. The nearest shelter to my training room is the men's room. Yeah, that's where I want to hudddle with 30 coworkers; in a tres fragrant room. At least it's functional, I suppose.

The food here isn't terrible, and the exercise facility is fab. But I'd rather be home.

robert frost: I took an evening stroll today, with only the lightning bugs to light my way.

letting it all out: Maggie is obsessed with that idiotic new show Wipeout. She calls it the owchie show and asked to watch it tonight. It's not on Friday, so we watched it online. She likes it so much she refused to take a potty break, instead peeing on my lap so she could continue watching the show. End result: no more show. That's bad behavior, and the show is horrid.

I wonder what she likes about it? Are the geniuses behind the show aware of its pull on toddlers?

[Comments] (1) travel pool: Was supposed to leave for India yesterday....not in the cards I guess...the other coach left yesterday.

At least I got to meet my new niece Kyli Rae!

Now that she is born, we can forget the baby pool and move onto a travel pool. Currently taking bids on our actual depart date for the skinny guess is July 17.


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