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[Comments] (2) in His hands: Moving out of my house tomorrow. Still to green light from the Indian consulate. Basically, we are going to be living on faith that we won't be homeless for too long. I'm told the last coach got the green light two days before they wanted him there; he technically made it on time because of that.

Going to IL all next week for training. Looks like, one way or another, I'm going to be living out of suitcases for the next month at least.


Posted by Mom at Thu Jun 17 2010 19:51

You won't really be too homeless. You'll have food and shelter but "yes" you will be living out of a suitcase.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jun 23 2010 06:38

I tried to explain the difference between a house and a home to Maggie yesterday and she said, "Fine then. This isn't our HOUSE."

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