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[Comments] (7) many are called, but few are chosen: I spent last week in St Charles again, a quaint little town on the Fox River a stone's throw (45 miles) from Chicago. This time, instead of being trained, I did the training. I finally broke away from the facility this round, and perused the local city. I waited 45 minutes for my deep dish pizza, only to be extremely disappointed. It really was a pie! Problem is, I don't like pie. I prefer NY style pizza, though I've had the experience now at least.

My coworker and I walked home from the pizzaria. It was dusk, we walked through a cemetary, with fireflies to light the way. And we see a deer hiding behind a masoleum. It was a nice walk.

I also rented a bike and perused the river trail. Man, what they call rivers back East equates to a lake in these parts! It was huge, with motor boats and steamboats sailing up and down. It was nice to get away and forget my woes.

I found out, while in Chicago, that my visa is, well, not approved, but not rejected. Apparently I'm not a known terrorist to the Indian government, but simply a byproduct of the beuracratic system. My paperwork took a standard extra 4 weeks, no one cares, and there you have it. But they promised to issue my visa within the next two weeks. India will come, in it's own time.

I'm depressed to turn 30 in the states, but such is life.

We spent the weekend in Park City at Justin's condo. Having not visited Park City in the summertime, we didn't realize the condo has no A/C. We won't make that mistake again. But we went swimming at the clubhouse pool, and the kids had a ball.

We also went to the Canyon's and rode the gondola and the ski lift to the top of the mountain for a nice jaunt. We ended up hiking 3.5 miles, not by choice. After being thoroughly exhausted from our hike, we were informed that the ski lift only goes up! We were forced to walk all the way back down to the gondola. But it was a nice escape from the 100+ degree weather here in the valley.

I'm really not looking forward to turning 30.


Posted by Mom at Mon Jul 19 2010 09:24

I hated turning 30 too. I even cried when I did. I didn't think guys were like that but I guess you got it from me.

Posted by John at Mon Jul 19 2010 13:22

Why can't guys be like that? Not all of us get that nice blend of salt and pepper in our hair when we turn old...some of us lose it!

In addition, I have way less energy than as a youth, a much slower metabolism, and it also means my kids are getting older! Men can dislike those things as much as women can.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jul 19 2010 17:31

The question is, would you rather go back to your twenties? I wouldn't. To lose all the knowledge I know that regard I can't wait to be 40. I like hanging out with my older friends more than my younger.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jul 20 2010 08:03

I didn't know you rented a bike. Cool!

Posted by John at Tue Jul 20 2010 13:38

Susie: The center has bikes on hand. Rent means I borrowed one of their bikes for an hour.

Kristen: That's a tough one. I still don't feel like I know much. And I honestly feel like, if I could do my 20's over again, I would do them much more carefree. I spent my 20's worrying about paying for school, graduating, and paying bills. Now that I make decent money, I don't worry about it as much, but I still do because I worry about college funds, mission funds, retirement, etc. The 30's are gonna bring on all kinds of woes. So I would like to do my 20's again, without the angst. But worrying about money is something you do when you never have it. I guess the takeaway is I don't want my kids to worry about money like I did; at least not until they are grown.

With regards to hanging out with older friends, I went to a high school Vocal Ensemble reunion in June and was surprised how my old friends had matured. You may be surprised that your older friends have grown up along with you.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Jul 21 2010 19:46

I would do a lot different in my 20's too. I know I don't know much of anything still, but I did learn some lessons. My 20's I didn't really know myself. I am now more comfortable in my own skin and don't do things worrying about what others will think of me and afraid that no one likes me. I hope my 30's will be more about keeping it real.

As for my HS friends, I still keep in contact with them and like them just fine. I am just comparing the friends I have made here with my friends in my old ward that were all around my age. The girls night out group that I hang out with in this ward the women are in their 30's and 40's. I just like soaking up their knowledge and advice, and not feeling like everyone is so much more talented and or cuter or has better style or whatever stupid thing. I just feel like older people are less pretentious or at least the people I knew from our BYU ward and SA wards. My friends my age are still great--they bring crazy fun to the table whereas my older friends are a little more laid back. Not as many awkward conversations about why someone thinks wearing a bikini is no big deal.

When I think about wanting to do things over, I just remind myself that I still have a fresh start with the future and to consciously make an effort to change my bad habits. If you wish things were different, then make it so. The future is bright! (I have to remind myself of that all the time.)

Posted by John at Thu Jul 22 2010 07:45

Kristen: Yes, I agree, one benefit of getting older is it becomes more acceptable to have a wider range of friends. In high school, it's almost taboo to befriend people in a different grade than you. Imagine the horror of a senior befriending a freshman, for example!

As we get older, it's totally cool to be close to people that are sometimes twice our age, or half our age, for example. I do like that. The more diverse the group, the easier it is to find commonalities.

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