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[Comments] (1) of ill repute: I feel like the undead. Apparently I have a viral ear infection reaking havoc on my vertigo. I am constantly dizzy and therefore am highly medictaed on stuff with side effects to counter the dizziness such as headaches, drowziness, and blurred vision. I thought maybe I'd rather by dizzy, so I tried going off the meds. That lasted about 4 hours. Drowziness and blurred vision, as awful as they are, beat a constantly spinning room.

We were hoping to go to St George next weekend. The doctor approved the trip, but advised me not to drive or to hike Angel's Landing.

Since my ear infection is viral, I have no choice but to wait it out. Hopefully another week and I'll be ok. And hopefully I can handle going back to work, since my doctor's note has run its course.

People have mentioned it's better to be sick here than in India, but I conjecture that the virus would not have found me in India. But who can really know?

This is turning out to be a pretty depressing summer indeed. And apparently it ends this week. Time flies living in your parent's basement.

snails in zion: Today we made an epic adventure out of Zion's national park. We roused ourselves early and made it into the park by 9 am to catch the shuttle. Our first stop was the end of the line: the Narrows. We hiked along the Virgin River trail, stopping only to watch deer munch on meadow grass and chipmunks beg us for our spare food, until the trail was no more. At that point, all that was left between the towering sand fins was the river itself. Maggie and I kicked off our shoes and waded into the water. It wasn't as cold as a lot of river water, but unfortunately the bottom was very rocky, so we waded around in the soft sand as much as possible. I couldn't balance myself on all the rocky parts and hold Maggie's hand, what with my balance problems, and the river was up to Maggie's knees. At that point we turned around and headed back to the shuttle.

A lot of people just dived on into the river, casting fears of blisters and wet socks to the wind. Another set of hikers bought water shoes to wear, while yet another set rented river shoes and staves in town. Next time, we'll have to try the rental river shoes, as both Maggie and I wanted to hike more than we did in the river.

We also hiked to Weeping Rock and the Emerald Ponds and ate lunch on the grass at the Zion Lodge. Interestingly enough, there were no squirrels there, ready to catch our crumbs.

This trail is home to the famous Zion snail, which is no bigger than my pinky fingernail. They covered the slick walls of the canyon, and are only found here. I wonder how they would taste cooked in butter and garlic.

We also hit the museum, and then it was off on the driving tour. Our car scaled the mountain to wait in line to take the 1-mile tunnel drive to the other side of the park. Because the tunnel was built in 1930, it doesn't handle RV's too well, so it switches directions every so often. We were last in our group in so we dawdled through the tunnel and took pictures through the various openings. To get here and back, we crossed the famous Zion's bridge (that is, famous to Whitney's, since they built it. I'd personally been previously clueless to its fame and glory).

Waiting our turn to go back through the tunnel and home, we chanced upon a herd of mountain goats crossing the road. We got some great pictures of them butting heads (so the rumors are true)! We went swimming tonight as well.

It's only 9 pm but I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow: CA!


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