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[Comments] (1) of ill repute: I feel like the undead. Apparently I have a viral ear infection reaking havoc on my vertigo. I am constantly dizzy and therefore am highly medictaed on stuff with side effects to counter the dizziness such as headaches, drowziness, and blurred vision. I thought maybe I'd rather by dizzy, so I tried going off the meds. That lasted about 4 hours. Drowziness and blurred vision, as awful as they are, beat a constantly spinning room.

We were hoping to go to St George next weekend. The doctor approved the trip, but advised me not to drive or to hike Angel's Landing.

Since my ear infection is viral, I have no choice but to wait it out. Hopefully another week and I'll be ok. And hopefully I can handle going back to work, since my doctor's note has run its course.

People have mentioned it's better to be sick here than in India, but I conjecture that the virus would not have found me in India. But who can really know?

This is turning out to be a pretty depressing summer indeed. And apparently it ends this week. Time flies living in your parent's basement.


Posted by Mom at Sun Aug 15 2010 20:02

I really hated to see them go to India but after watching them suffer trying to get there, I'm ready for them to have that adventure. I'll miss the kids so much. I'd miss them even if they just went back to Draper.

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