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[Comments] (2) labor-free Labor Day: Since I was not supposed to be here in September, I don't have a lot of work to do, and was able to escape working Labor Day this year! Unfortunately, I had a project that came in late and needed my magical touch, so I did work Friday night from about 7:30 until 2:30 in the morning figuring the thing out. But otherwise, I was free.

We went hiking on Saturday up Millcreek Canyon to Dog Lake. The trail was awesome, as it was completely in the shade. But it was an even numbered day, meaning there were bikes on the trail, meaning we were constantly moving aside and thus moving at a snail's pace.

Sunday we went to the cabin for a family party and had a great time. Maggie in particular had fun playing with Chad, Logan, and Chad's girlfriend on the swingset.

Monday we decided to enjoy the last day of summer at the Murray pool. It turned out to be chilly, however, so we opted for the indoor pool. The kids had so much fun, especially on the waterslide and the lazy river. We had so much fun we decided to get a 3-month membership to the pool and the gym for me, since I have nowhere to work out at, being homeless and all. We must have worn the kids out because Dalont took a 3 hour nap and Maggie laid on the couch with me, content to do nothing, while I read my book.

What would possess a person going to India to get a 3-month pool membership? Well. Susie and I both concur that India is no longer the reality. So we are making the most out of our time in the meantime and not worrying about silly things anymore like living out of suitcases, putting our lives on hold, or wasting time learing things about a country that doesn't want us. It's their loss anyway.

I finished the Hunger Games series yesterday and really enjoyed it. Today I starting reading the book Rachel gave me for my birthday.

response-ability: In honor of Utah college savings eduction month (or some such thing as advertised on the banner at work), I have set up UT 529 plans for my little ones. If you would like to donate to their funds, please respond or email me and I can give you the information to do so. Especially in light of Dalton's first birthday next month, we would appreciate donations in lieu of toys we don't need nor have room for in my parent's basement.

Also, to anyone considering opening college funds for their little ones, UT's 529 plan is supposedly the best in the nation. It's so flexible that if, say, Dalton doesn't go to college, the money can be transferred to someone else who is in college. Also, if you file a UT resident return, you can get a 5% credit for your donation on your return. I guess I've caught the college savings fever.


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