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response-ability: In honor of Utah college savings eduction month (or some such thing as advertised on the banner at work), I have set up UT 529 plans for my little ones. If you would like to donate to their funds, please respond or email me and I can give you the information to do so. Especially in light of Dalton's first birthday next month, we would appreciate donations in lieu of toys we don't need nor have room for in my parent's basement.

Also, to anyone considering opening college funds for their little ones, UT's 529 plan is supposedly the best in the nation. It's so flexible that if, say, Dalton doesn't go to college, the money can be transferred to someone else who is in college. Also, if you file a UT resident return, you can get a 5% credit for your donation on your return. I guess I've caught the college savings fever.

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