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[Comments] (2) California by rain: We survived the flood without an ark! Oddities on our trip include:

While waiting for the Pixar parade with Dalton asleep in his stroller, an Australian family attempts to share the bench with me. While their sons were supposedly bothering the father, he turned to his son and said "Stop hitting that man next to you. He's getting mad and he has a gun in his pocket." Sure, make me the bad guy. I didn't even care what his son was doing.

Maggie being a daredevil. She loved the ferris wheel, including the swinging gondolas. I should note that I have teenage nephews that won't ride on them! She also wanted to go on the roller coaster, but is too little. Instead, she went over and over again on the Gadget go-coaster and loved it! It's nice using parent pass with Dalton because Maggie gets to go on everything twice that way.

Going to Disneyland only to find it closed! I guess some people can't handle getting wet.

Flying in virtual peace. Both kids were the epitome of manners on our flights. People complimented them left and right. Our flight home was also full of MLM'ers coming home from a convention in Anaheim. Glad none of them were sitting next to me; the last thing I needed was a sale pitch for sludge juice.

I think the final tally on rides was thus: Winnie the Pooh, 14 times; Dumbo, carousel, and Teacups, around 10 times; kiddie roller coaster, 4 times; but the oddest of all was only riding twice on Doors, otherwise known to the rest of the world as Monsters, Inc. Maggie is obsessed with that show but apparently not the ride.

It was a nice winter getaway just in time before life becomes nothing but work again for the next few months. Anyone else ready for spring?


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